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Forcing others to hate Japan is dangerous

(People's Daily Online)

08:18, October 29, 2012

Recently, more than 2,000 tourists from Shanghai made a visit to Japan and they were warmly welcomed by the Japanese people. It is a general hope that tourism will play a role in easing the tense China-Japan relations.

However, some Chinese people are strongly dissatisfied with this matter, insulting these visitors and even verbally attacking the city of Shanghai.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with visiting Japan. Chinese citizens have the right to decide where to travel and others should not interfere. China’s economy suffers a lot from the recent deteriorating China-Japan relations. As the world's second and third largest economies, China and Japan have frequent trade contacts. Containing each other in economy must lead to loss of both sides while friendly cooperation and mutual benefit will bring win-win situation. Since Japan "nationalized" the Diaoyu Islands, the China-Japan relationships have shown the antagonistic trend, which the Chinese side is also not willing to see. If tourism benefits economic development of both countries, it is definitely in favor of us.

Of course, friendly cooperation requires efforts of the both sides. If Japan arbitrarily destroys bilateral relations, China will never make a concession, taking any necessary measures to safeguard national interests. China will not give up any chance of maintaining peaceful and friendly diplomatic relations. As a matter of fact, both Japanese and Chinese expect friendly people-to-people relationships. The “friction” between Japan and China is mainly attributed to Japanese right-wing politicians.

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