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Japan, US hold the key to breaking China-Japan deadlock

(People's Daily Online)

10:21, October 27, 2012

A cross-party U.S. delegation comprising former Republican and Democratic officials recently visited Japan and China to break the deadlock between the two countries over the Diaoyu Islands dispute.

Japan is to blame for the severely strained relations between the two countries. It has provoked the Diaoyu Islands dispute despite objections and warnings from China. As territorial sovereignty concerns core national interests, China has taken strong countermeasures against Japan’s provocations. Growing tensions over the Diaoyu Islands dispute have greatly affected the two countries’ economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.

China has not taken economic action to punish Japan, but strained bilateral relations have inevitably affected their economic and trade cooperation. The sharp downturn in the sales of Japanese goods in China shows that Japan has “lift a stone only to drop on its own feet.”

Objectively speaking, both the U.S. delegation and insightful Japanese people do not want to see further escalation of the Diaoyu Islands dispute.

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