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Commentary: U.S. should learn to co-exist peacefully with rising China

By  Liu Chang (Xinhua)

08:43, October 24, 2012

BEIJING, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- Willing or not, Democratic or Republican, the next U.S. president shall have to tone down his get-tough-on-China rhetoric made along the campaign trail, and deal with his country's sclerotic inaptness toward China's inevitable rise.

Both U.S. presidential candidates vowed at their third and last debate encounter closed on Monday night that they would press Beijing to "play by the rules" in shaping their bilateral ties.

However, their definition of "rules of the road" is primarily pro-American.

For the records, China has always been complying with the rules of international institutions, including the World Trade Organization. But it is not duty-bound to abide by the regulations designed by a certain country.

China is also willing to work closely with its U.S. partners in figuring out solutions that could best serve their mutual interests via candid talks.

In fact, the growing cases of trade disputes between the two economies seem to show that the United States is not prepared to work with China as equals.

Over the years, China's rapid economic surge seems to have left the world's only super power stranded in a dilemma. For one thing, the United States desires to harvest profitable business benefits by cashing in on China's economic expansion.

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