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Local challenges will decide China’s rise

(Global Times)

08:39, October 24, 2012

The last debate before the presidential election between US President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney was held on October 22. The two candidates have relented to a degree over China, and have recognized China as an important partner. Although both of them have stated that they will "punish" China in specific fields, they have toned down their rhetoric.

Even public opinion in the US is tired of watching them use China as a gimmick. Accordingly, the two candidates were more restrained. It once again showed that Sino-US relations involve many interests. Their opposition toward China will not last long.

The US is gradually losing the ability to dictate the Sino-US relationship because of China's continuous development.

Chinese people should realize that although we should learn from others, China does not need to be anxious. External forces no longer have the power to impose strategic punishments on China.

Maybe this is the real meaning and value of independence. Previously, it was difficult for us to resist pressure from the Soviet Union and the US. But now, we have more affordable methods of resistance.

China has long emphasized the prevention of external influence. Dissidents anchor their hopes on external support. This understanding should be adjusted. China's future will increasingly depend on local forces.

Politics and ideology will continue to be arenas in which the West and China compete. External conflicts are more easily interlinked to domestic problems in the Internet age, but China is also more capable of isolating the problems and solving them, even if outside forces attempt to exert influence.

China's relationship with the West will experience ups and downs in the long run, this is something we need to become psychologically accustomed to.

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