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How could Japan steal Diaoyu Islands with propaganda campaign ?

(People's Daily Online)

09:40, October 20, 2012

Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Genba has recently visited France, Britain and Germany to lobby on the Diaoyu Islands issue, seeking international "understanding."

It is reported that Japan is geared up to print pamphlets on the Diaoyu Islands in 10 languages and distribute them all over the world to launch a propaganda campaign, in attempt to contain China and seize the Diaoyu Islands with the help of other countries.

Japan's so-called "evidences" are no more than broken pieces of unconfirmed documents. That Japan refuses to admit there is controversy about the sovereignty of Diaoyu Islands is to blatantly question the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation, challenge the international order after World War II and deny the victory of the World War against Fascism.
Facts are facts. People around the world will not be deceived by Japan's attempt to distort the truth and launch propaganda campaign.

Recently, the mainstream media outlets in Britain, France and Germany believe Japan should deeply introspect in three aspects:

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