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Ghana detains 100 Chinese for 'illegal' mining

By  Li Lianxing and Zhao Shengnan  (China Daily)

16:34, October 15, 2012

1 miner shot dead by police during crackdown, investigation under

Chinese workers' safety overseas is again in the spotlight after more than 100 Chinese were detained and one was killed while allegedly mining gold illegally in Ghana.

This is the third case involving the detention of Chinese nationals in the West African country this year, and it is the first time that a Chinese has died.

On one mining site near Manso, a township close to the region's capital Kumasi, policemen on Thursday destroyed mining facilities and work sheds. During the operation, a Chinese surnamed Chen was shot dead by policemen, the Chinese embassy in Ghana said in an online statement on Sunday.

The 16-year-old boy is from Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, a staff at the Chinese embassy told China Daily.

The detention and casualty happened during recent crackdowns on illegal gold mining in Ashanti, the embassy said.

Officials from the embassy have arrived in the region; Chen's father and uncle will identify his body on Monday.

The Ghanaian military said the death was an accident and further investigation is under way.

On Oct 12, Chinese Ambassador Gong Jianzhong urgently met Ghanaian Deputy Foreign Minister Chris Kpodo and National Security Coordinator Larry Gbevlo Lartey and expressed serious concern over the death of Chen and the detention of Chinese workers. The ambassador demanded a thorough investigation into the shooting and compensation for the family of the victim.

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