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China Voice: Japan should admit dispute over Diaoyu Islands

By Cao Kai (Xinhua)

08:37, October 12, 2012

• China-Japan relations have soured since Japan's purchase of part of Diaoyu islands in September.
• Japan's refusal to admit the existing dispute over the Diaoyu Islands defies historical facts.
• To solve the dispute, Japan needs to face history.

BEIJING, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Japan is reportedly considering plans to calm tensions with China by acknowledging Chinese claims to the Diaoyu Islands while maintaining its own position that no official territorial dispute exists over the islands.

This seems to be a compromise from the Japanese government, but it is not a substantial change of attitude regarding the Diaoyu Islands.

China-Japan relations have soured since Japan's purchase of part of the islands in September, jeopardizing regional stability that had been maintained for decades.

The responsibility for the tension and damaged ties lies with Japan.

Japan should realize that admitting an existing dispute over the Diaoyu Islands and returning to the negotiation table are preconditions for improving ties.

How is it possible to solve a problem while ignoring its existence?

Japan's refusal to admit the existing dispute over the Diaoyu Islands defies historical facts.

Be it from a historical, geographical or jurisprudential perspective, the Diaoyu Islands remain an inherent part of Chinese territory. China was the first country to discover, name and administer the Diaoyu Islands.

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