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China, US collaborate to seek ways in building smart cities

By Han Shasha (People's Daily Online)

10:35, October 11, 2012

Peter Calthorpe, architect and founding member of Congress for New Urbanism made a speech at the US-China Collaboration Symposium. (People's Daily Online/Han Shasha)

San Francisco (People’s Daily Online)---- By spending billions improving public infrastructure, sprucing up public spaces, and investing in public services, many cities around the globe are trying to get smarter and greener.

But how does a city expand and, at the same time, make itself liveable and smart? Officials, urban designers, city planners and architects from China and America who attended the US-China Collaboration Symposium gave their answers.

Peter Calthorpe, architect and founding member of Congress for New Urbanism suggested that developing neighborhoods to promote walking, prioritizing bicycle networks, creating dense networks of streets and paths, and supporting high-quality transit will help cities to be smart and well managed.

Zhu Jingsong, head of Wuxi Municipal Science and Tech. Innov. Talents Converging Center said at the symposium that Wuxi is now endeavoring to build itself the “Oriental Silicon Valley” Wuxi has specific plans to pool talents, capital and projects to get innovation. She said that Technology and communications infrastructure is critical to promote sustainable building practices in big cities.

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