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Japan may "acknowledge" China's claim to Diaoyu Islands to calm tension: media


10:07, October 10, 2012

TOKYO, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Japan is considering plans to calm tensions with China by acknowledging Chinese claims to the disputed islands in the East China Sea, while maintaining its own position, Kyodo news cited sources as saying on Tuesday.

The report said that the plans would allow Japan, without changing its long-held position, to compromise a little with China, which has called on Tokyo to acknowledge the existence of a dispute over the Chinese Diaoyu Islands, referred to as Senkaku Islands in Japan.

Japan has refused to rescind its recent purchase in mid- September of three of the five Diaoyu islands from a so-called private Japanese owner, which the government says was meant to maintain the uninhabited islands in a stable manner, despite China 's strong protest.

It remains uncertain, however, whether China would be encouraged by the Japanese step to improve the tensioned ties, said Kyodo. Most viewed commentaries

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rick at 2012-10-16202.156.10.*
The Japanese had "acknowledged"? What has they acknowledge. This is like the Japanese apology. It is always given but never taken seriously. It is like the Japanese world "sumimasen". It can be an apology for a thank you. Don't get trick by the Japanese especially when they try to hide behind the Japanese language.

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