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Chavez expected to boost China links

By Cheng Guangjin and Deng Zhangyu (China Daily)

08:47, October 09, 2012

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez (C) celebrates his victory of presidential election at the Miraflores Palace, in Caracas, Venezuela, on Oct. 7, 2012. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is the virtual winner of the presidential election, Tibisay Lucena Ramirez, president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela, announced on Sunday. (Xinhua/Venezuelan Presidency)

Analysts say leader will enhance cooperation in trade and energy

Radical reform or change is unlikely to happen during the next term of re-elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, but he will continue to implement policies that benefit the poor and become closer to China and countries in Latin America, analysts said.

Official results on Sunday indicated that with 90 percent of the ballots counted, Chavez took 54.42 percent of the vote, beating opposition candidate Henrique Capriles by nearly 10 percent, according to Reuters.

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