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China rejects Japan's claim of sovereignty over Diaoyu Dao: white paper


08:16, September 26, 2012

BEIJING, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) -- China rejected Japan's claim of sovereignty over Diaoyu Dao on Tuesday and reiterated that "such claims by Japan fly in the face of facts and are totally unfounded."

The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China released the white paper Diaoyu Dao, an Inherent Territory of China on Tuesday.

The white paper listed Japan's claims of sovereignty over Diaoyu Dao: On March 8, 1972, Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the Basic View on the Sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands in an attempt to explain the Japanese government's claims of sovereignty over Diaoyu Dao. First, Japan claims that Diaoyu Dao was "terra nullius" and not part of Pescadores, Formosa [Taiwan] or their affiliated islands which were ceded to Japan by the Qing government in accordance with the Treaty of Shimonoseki. Second, Japan claims that Diaoyu Dao was not included in the territory which Japan renounced under Article 2 of the Treaty of San Francisco, but was placed under the administration of the United States as part of the Nansei Islands in accordance with Article 3 of the said treaty, and was included in the area for which the administrative rights were reverted to Japan in accordance with the Okinawa Reversion Agreement. Third, Japan claims that China didn't regard Diaoyu Dao as part of Taiwan and had never challenged the inclusion of the islands in the area over which the United States exercised administrative rights in accordance with Article 3 of the Treaty of San Francisco.

"Diaoyu Dao belongs to China. It is by no means 'terra nullius'. China is the indisputable owner of Diaoyu Dao as it had exercised valid jurisdiction over the island for several hundred years long before the Japanese people 'discovered' it", the white paper says.

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