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Japan urged by China's People's Daily to "repent" over Diaoyu Islands


08:17, September 24, 2012

BEIJING, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- The People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China, has said the Diaoyu Islands issue concerns China's territorial sovereignty and China will not compromise even with "half steps."

Japan has said it wants to mend relations with China but the Japanese government continues to insist that tough measures will be used to settle territorial issues, according to the newspaper commentary on Sunday.

China asked Japan to immediately stop all acts that harm China's territorial sovereignty, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said late Saturday. This came after some Japanese people landed on the Diaoyu Islands Friday evening saying that they were "preventing Taiwanese activists from landing on the islets."

Japanese right-wing groups staged a mass anti-China demonstration in Tokyo on Saturday, chanting, "China, stop the invasion of Japan," vowing to defend the "Senkakus Islands" (Diaoyu Island and affiliated islets) and safeguard Japan's territorial integrity.

"Japan's aforementioned act is a severe infringement upon China's territorial sovereignty. They make trouble out of nothing and call white black," said the People's Daily commentary.

It said Japanese right-wing forces have long caused trouble on the Diaoyu Islands and that the Japanese government has misjudged the situation and colluded with the right wing, plotting to strengthen their control over Diaoyu Island and affiliated islets.

The "two-man act" played by the Japanese government and the right wing over the Diaoyu Islands issue was "not accidental," but an indication of the context of Japan's accelerated right-leaning tendency, toughened foreign polices and strained relations with its neighbors, the commentary said.

Japan's two-decade economic downturn has rapidly changed the power balance between China and Japan, plunging some Japanese people into frustration and anxiety and prompting them to hold a hard line as a political "magic weapon" to deal with China, it said.

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