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Conference in Houston eyes expanded China-U.S. energy cooperation


09:01, September 21, 2012

HOUSTON, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- Policy makers, industry leaders and scholars from the United States and China attended an energy conference here Thursday to explore ways to expand energy cooperation between the two countries.

Oil and gas policies, China's foreign investment policies, investment opportunities in U.S. oil and gas, and potential risks and restrictions in U.S. oil and gas development, were among issues discussed at the second U.S.-China Energy Summit in Houston.

In a speech to the summit, Chinese Consul General in Houston Xu Erwen said China and the United States, the two biggest energy producing and consuming countries in the world, "share many common interests and challenges in the energy sector."

"To expand the cooperation between China and the U.S. in all areas including energy is not only conducive to the national interests of the two countries but also beneficial to the sustainable growth of the world economy," Xu said.

Currently, bilateral energy cooperation is on good track, Xu said, noting that a number of mechanisms were established to facilitate energy cooperation between the two countries, including the 10-year Energy and Environment Cooperation Framework, the U.S.- China Renewable Energy Partnership, the Memorandum of Cooperation on Shale Gas between the U.S. State Department and China's National Energy Administration and the U.S.-China Clean Energy Forum.

China is committed to building a safe, stable, clean modern energy industry during 2011 and 2015. Meanwhile, the U.S. has proposed its blueprint for future energy security, taking a leading role in the exploration and production of traditional and new energy, Xu said.

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