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Chinese, Cambodian legislators meet to enhance bilateral ties


15:41, September 19, 2012

PHNOM PENH, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- Cambodian and Chinese legislators met here on Wednesday to exchange views and experience in environment protection and resource preservation.

The Chinese delegation of the National People's Congress(NPC) is led by Huang Xianzhong, vice-chairman of NPC Environment Protection and Resource Conservation Committee.

Meeting with Acting-President of Cambodian National Assembly Nguon Nhel, Huang said the visit was to study Cambodia's measures and legal frameworks in protecting environment and resource management.

He also hailed Cambodia for its efforts in protecting environment and cultural heritage.

"We believe that, through the visit, the traditional and long- standing friendship relations between the two countries will be further enhanced," he said.

Nguon Nhel said Cambodia has passed a number of laws and international conventions on environment protection, adding that for any investment projects, the country has always taken their possible impacts on environment into serious consideration before approving them.

He also reaffirmed Cambodia's commitment to "One China Policy," considering Taiwan and Tibet as part of China.

He expressed Cambodia's gratitude to China for its unconditional support and is pleased to see more and more Chinese investors here.

Later in the day, Huang Xianzhong met with Ai Khan, acting- chairman of the National Assembly's Commission on Planning, Investment, Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Water Resources.

He is also scheduled to meet with Cambodian Minister of Environment Mok Mareth.

The delegation arrived here on Tuesday for a four-day visit. It is part of the exchange of visits between Cambodian National Assembly and China's National People's Congress. Most viewed commentaries

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