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Assistant foreign minister: Japan's tricks cannot change China's sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands


12:56, September 15, 2012

BEIJING, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- A senior Chinese diplomat said Friday no matter what tricks Japan plays, it can never change China's sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands and affiliated islets, nor the historical fact that Japan seized the territories from China.

Le Yucheng, assistant foreign minister, said at a symposium in Beijing that the Japanese had rolled out various kinds of fallacy on the Diaoyu Islands, and the Japanese aimed to rewrite the ignominious history that Japan illegally stole the Chinese territories many years ago.

Le dismissed the move by the Japanese as "in vain and of little value", and said the world should learn the truth of the issue of Diaoyu Islands.

The fallacy of the Japanese can be put into four areas, Le said.

First, on Japan's claim that the Diaoyu Islands are "terra nullius" or have no owners, Le said this is totally unfounded. Abundant historical records and documents showed that the Chinese first discovered, named and exploited the Diaoyu Islands.

Before the 15th century, merchants and fishermen from eastern and southern coastal areas of China had long taken the Diaoyu Islands as aviation marks and carried out production activities on the islands and in their adjacent waters. The Diaoyu Islands were put under the jurisdiction of China's naval defense since the early era of Ming Dynasty (1638 AD-1644 AD), Le said, adding relevant pre-modern historical records of Japan clearly recognized this, too.

The Diaoyu Islands have belonged to China since ancient times, Le said. "This is not empty talk, nor lacking substantial proof, but based on concrete and irrefutable evidence," he said.

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