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China Voice: Japan shouldn't underestimate severity of Diaoyu Islands issue

By Ren Ke (Xinhua)

08:16, September 12, 2012

BEIJING, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- The Japanese government has gone further on the Diaoyu Islands issue with a decision to "purchase" part of the islands. The move is extremely dangerous, and Japan has to fully understand the severity of its wrongdoing.

Ridiculously, the Japanese government said that bringing the islands under state control will help to preserve regional stability of the Diaoyu Islands, despite repeated solemn representations from China.

Although China always pursues friendship with neighboring countries and advocates dialogue to resolve disputes, it should not be misinterpreted as the country's "weakness" in foreign relations. In fact, any test of China's bottom line will bear the consequences that Japan cannot afford.

Japan's move has severely infringed China's territorial integrity, and as the PLA Daily, the flagship newspaper of China's armed forces, said on Tuesday, it was "the most serious challenge over China's sovereignty after the World War II."

Therefore, China has shown an unprecedentedly strong attitude on the issue. The Foreign Ministry issued a strongly-worded statement Monday afternoon, saying that "the era of the Chinese people's humiliation has passed, not to return again."

The statement came with a clear stance from China's top leaders. President Hu Jintao said China firmly opposes Japan's moves to purchase the islands during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda on Sunday, and Premier Wen Jiabao said Monday that China will "absolutely make no concession" on issues concerning its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Wu Bangguo, the country's top legislator, also said when meeting with Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani on Monday that the determination of the Chinese government and people on safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity is unswerving.

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