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Real story of China in Africa

(People's Daily Online)

16:46, September 11, 2012

Professor Deborah Brautigam

Professor at Johns Hopkins University Deborah Brautigam answered questions about what China had done in Africa in her book, "The Dragon's Gift – The Real Story of China in Africa." On the occasion of its Chinese version being sold in China, the reporter of People's Daily sat down for an exclusive interview with professor Brautigam.

Reporter: How do you see "The Dragon's Gift?"

Brautigam: The China-Africa relationship has become hot news discussed by many media outlets in the world. For example, many Chinese living in Australia urgently want to know the real situation of China in Africa when they saw the local news coverage. They knew that China had built the famous Tanzania-Zambia Railway in Africa in the 1960s and 1970s and they want to know more about the news since then, the relations of China with Africa, the influence of China on Africa and the help China provided to Arica. As I wanted to tell the real story of China in Africa, I began a study of China in Africa.

Reporter: You also wrote another book about Chinese activity in Africa – Chinese Aid and African Development: Exporting Green Revolution. Why are you so interested in the story of China in Africa?

Brautigam: I met two African students who were granted Chinese government scholarships on a Guangdong-to-Shanghai train during my tourist trip in the Chinese mainland in 1980. I had my first understanding of China-Africa relations during this trip. At the time, I was researching international development, including Chinese and African development. With many questions in my head, I traveled to Africa, and began researching Chinese aid to Africa.

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