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China hopes US to relax export restrictions


08:14, September 06, 2012

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang said Wednesday that China hopes the United States can relax restrictions on high-technology exports to China as well as Chinese companies' investments in the US.

Li made the remarks during his meeting with visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying Sino-US economic and trade cooperation is an important driving force for bilateral ties.

The two countries should maintain an objective and fair manner of handling economic and trade frictions while seeking equality and mutual benefit, he said.

Li called on the two sides to advance pragmatic cooperation and nurture new growth areas for cooperation.

China and the US, he said, should take a long-term view to strengthen win-win awareness, respect each other's core interests and grave concerns, expand aspects of common interest, properly cope with differences and enhance mutual trust, so as to push forward the relationship between the two powers.

Clinton said the US stands ready to work with China to determine a new way for major powers to get along with each other in efforts to enable the Sino-US partnership to weather challenges and move forward.

She said the US values China's relevant concerns and hopes the two sides will expand economic and trade exchanges.

The US will take positive measures to promote two-way investment and cooperation at local levels.

The two-day visit is part of Clinton's six-nation tour that started on August 30, which also takes her to the Cook Islands, Indonesia, East Timor, Brunei and Russia. Most viewed commentaries

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