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Japan must take Chinese people’s feeling seriously

(People's Daily Online)

07:51, August 31, 2012

Chinese nationals who were illegally detained by Japan arrive at the international airport in Hong Kong, south China, Aug. 17, 2012. (Xinhua/Lui Siu Wai)

Recently, Japan has been stirring up troubles to ferment the issue of the Diaoyu Islands while the Chinese people have also organized demonstrations related to the matter in many places. Therefore, Japan must take the emotion of the Chinese people seriously.

Judging from these prominent incidents involving Japan in recent years, China has diversified means and channels of expressing the emotions, including the sincerity, restraint and firm stand of Chinese Government which hopes to resolve the issue through dialogues and negotiations and the voice and direct action of Chinese people who express their attitude and feelings spontaneously.

These diversified means of expression have the same aim, namely resolutely rejecting Japan for confusing the public on the historical issues and safeguarding China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Based on respecting for the spontaneous patriotic emotion among the people, China has been calling on and guiding them to express their patriotic fervor legally and rationally and opposes any illegal and extreme behaviors.

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