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Once warm Sino-Soviet relationship can be revived

(Global Times)

08:49, August 23, 2012

Several decades ago, when I was young, the relationship between China and the Soviet Union was very warm. Although there were few non-governmental contacts in those days, people from China and the Soviet Union forged profound friendships.

I was an English major who graduated from Taiwan Provincial Teachers College, which later became the National Taiwan Normal University. In order to oppose imperialist aggression and solve the national crisis, China chose the socialist road. To have a better understanding of socialism and learn a new development path, some friends and I began to learn Russian.

At that time, the CPC was a branch of the Third International. The Soviet Union was the general party branch of the CPC. This determined the positions of the two countries.

Then because of the deviation of the world revolutionary line, the Third International gradually became a tool of the Soviet Union's foreign policies. After that, problems occurred between China and the Soviet Union.

Later, the Soviet Union embarked on the road of revisionism [the abandonment of Stalinism, and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's reforms in the late 1950s.] For my part, it was the decisive factor in changing of the relationship between China and the Soviet Union.

Revisionists opposed Marxism under the cover of Marxism, which had a great influence in undermining socialism.

Many Chinese have compared China's reform and opening-up to the revisionism in Soviet time. However, this is far from the truth. China's reform and opening-up represents the views of the majority, while the Soviet path of revisionism didn't reflect public opinion.

I led a group working on the translation of some Soviet short stories written at the time of Khrushchev's rule. From them you can see how the Soviet leaders of that time deviated from socialism and misguided the people.

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