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Special focus: Japan arrests Chinese activists over Diaoyu Islands issue

(People's Daily Online)

16:38, August 22, 2012

Real-time report: Japan arrests Chinese activists over Diaoyu Islands issue

>>>> 7 Chinese nationals landing on Diaoyu Islands returned to HK by boat

Seven Chinese people who were illegally detained by Japan after landing on the Diaoyu Islands reached Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier by boat on Wednesday afternoon.

A large number of Hong Kong citizens were waiting for their arrival, hailing them with clapping, and gave them flower wreaths.P At the welcome ceremony, vessel owner Lo Chau, told the media, he was glad that the 14 citizens returned safely, having accomplished the mission of landing on Diaoyu Islands and flag planting. He also showed gratitude for public support for their action.[Read More]

>>>>Chinese activists on way to SW Japan airport for home

Seven of the 14 Chinese activists arrested by Japanese for landing on one of the Diaoyu islands Wednesday are on their way to Naha airport in southwest Japan to take a plane back to Hong Kong.[Read More]

>>>>Japan releases Chinese activists arrested over disputed islands landing

Japan released all 14 Chinese activists on Friday after they were arrested Wednesday for landing on one of Diaoyu Islands.

Seven people including five who were initially arrested after landing on the islands and two Chinese reporters will be sent back by plane while the other seven will return on the boat they came from.[Read More]

>>>> China says Japan's unilateral moves against Chinese nationals "illegal, invalid"

Any of Japan's unilateral moves against Chinese nationals is illegal and invalid, China's Foreign Ministry said Friday, after Japan decided to release 14 Chinese nationals it detained earlier this week.[Read More]

>>>>Japan's Cabinet decides to release Chinese activists landed on Diaoyu Islands

Japanese Cabinet decided to release all 14 Chinese activists who were arrested on Wednesday after seven of them landed on one of the Diaoyu Islands in East China Sea, Osamu Fujimura, top government spokesman, told a press conference on Friday.[Read More]

>>>>Tokyo set to release detained activists

Japan will return 14 activists who were illegally detained after landing on an island belonging to China, according to Chinese diplomats in Japan.[Read More]

China on Thursday again urged Japan to immediately and unconditionally release the activists.[Read More]


>>>>Health of Chinese illegally detained by Japan confirmed

It has been confirmed that five Chinese nationals from Hong Kong illegally detained in Japan are in good condition, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said in the night of August 16.[Read More]

>>>>MOC spokesman: China concerned about detention of nationals

The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) has urged Japan to properly handle the issue of the illegal detention of Chinese nationals who went to the Diaoyu Islands.[Read More]

>>>>5 Chinese activists transferred to Naha, Okinawa

Five Chinese activists arrested by Japanese police after landing on Diaoyu Islands in East China Sea arrived in Naha, Okinawa on on August 16.[Read More]

>>>>Taiwanese rally to urge Japan to stop infringing on Diaoyu Islands

Taiwanese groups gathered in Taipei on August 15, urging the Japanese government to apologize for atrocities committed by its aggressors and to stop moves intended to encroach on the Diaoyu Islands.[Read More]


>>>> Japan arrests Chinese activists over Diaoyu Islands issue on anniversary of Japan's WWII surrender

Police in Okinawa Prefecture on Wednesday arrested 14 Chinese activists including seven who landed on the Diaoyu Islands, located in the East China Sea.[Read More]

According to the Japanese Coast Guard, seven activists landed on the Islands at around 5:50 p.m. local time. Okinawa police earlier arrested five as two had returned to their vessel.[Read More]

>>>> Japan arrests all 14 Chinese activists over Diaoyu Islands issue

Japan in total arrested 14 Chinese activists on August 15 including seven who landed on the Diaoyu Islands at around 5:30 p.m. local time on suspicion of illegal entry, and would later detain the vessel, according to police from Japan's Okinawa.[Read More]

>>>>Japan totally responsible for escalating tensions over Diaoyu Islands

Tensions concerning territorial disputes between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands have surged to a new high on August 15, as Japanese authorities flagrantly arrested five activists from Hong Kong who had landed on one of the islands.[Read More]

>>>>China to lodge representations to Japan over nationals' detention

The Chinese Foreign Ministry is contacting the Japanese side to lodge representations over the detention of five Chinese nationals on the Diaoyu Islands, according to an announcement from the ministry on Wednesday.[Read More]

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