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When will Japan unlock the shackles put on by itself?

(People's Daily Online)

16:44, August 16, 2012

Yesterday was Aug. 15 which marked the 67th anniversary of Japanese unconditional surrender in the Second World War. Japan’s colonial aggression has brought misery to Asian people. The historical problems caused by the Second World War are not resolved completely, which still endangers the regional peace, stability and prosperity.

In Japan, militarism is glorified. The right-wingers distort the history. Politicians visit the Yasukuni Shrine. The "Peace Constitution" is questioned and the marine disputes exist between Japan and its neighboring nations.

In terms of China-Japan relations, historical issues and sovereignty disputes are the two shackles Japan put on by itself.

If Japan does not make deep and profound reflections on its invasion of China, it is impossible to gain trust of Chinese people. If Japan, the initiator of the Diaoyu Islands dispute, continues to stir up troubles, China will definitely launch strong counterattacks and Japan's foreign affairs will fall into the deadlock.

Japan claims itself a democratic country which advocates freedom of speech. It beautifies visit to the Yasukuni Shrine as a way of expressing personal faiths. In addition, the farces over Diaoyu Islands dispute are disguised as the need for general election.
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> Wimaladassa at 2012-08-17111.98.89.*
PRC statment is right thinking to slove past histrocial problems remain in colonial past and better for future people of two countries.People of Japana had suffer during Colonial policy of Past militiarism.Even due to wrong policy of militiarism of Old regime of Japan and its people became vicitms of Atom Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Lost hundred thousands of innocent and civcilan life in Japanese had no accountability of or responsibility of war luanch by militiraism of Japan old regime.

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