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Commentaries on Japanese arrest of Chinese activists over Diaoyu Islands Issue

(People's Daily Online)

15:52, August 16, 2012

Commentary on Japanese arrest of Chinese activists over Diaoyu Islands Issue

History proves Diaoyu Islands are China's territory

The Japanese government on Friday decided to release the 14 Chinese illegally detained Wednesday by Japanese authorities at the Diaoyu Islands after the Chinese government repeatedly demanded their "immediate and unconditional" release.

After their detention, China's Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying reiterated China's sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands and the affiliated islets, and demanded that the Japanese guarantee the safety of the citizens and free them immediately and unconditionally. On Thursday, China once again urged Japan to "immediately and unconditionally" release its nationals.[Read More]

Nation’s strength backs Diaoyu progress

The tension surrounding the Diaoyu Islands is focused on whether the detained Chinese activists will be released by Japanese authorities today. Public sentiment in China and Japan is in a state of confrontation. China cannot back off from its previous stance, and needs to rescue the detainees as soon as possible. It is a challenge to China's diplomacy and a test of China's overall strength.[Read More]

Japan's capture of Chinese citizens in gross violation of international law

Japan's capture of 14 Chinese Wednesday on and off the Diaoyu Islands, part of China's sovereign territory for 600 years, is in gross violation of their basic human rights and international law.[Read More]

Claiming "illegal entry" as an excuse for the capture is totally unfounded, as Chinese citizens do not need visas to visit the Diaoyu Islands, which are in the East China Sea and indisputably belong to China.[Read More]

Moreover, the Japanese authorities badly infringed the human rights of the Chinese citizens when the Japanese Coast Guard used water cannons to attack them in Chinese territorial waters, boarded their boat, took them in handcuffs to Naha, Okinawa, interrogated them separately, and confiscated their cameras and other personal property.[Read More]

Japan should avoid making rash moves amid anxiety

Recently, political and economic instability in Japan as well as the disorderly surrounding environment have aggravated the "anxiety disorder" plaguing the country. Senior Russian and DPRK officials’ high-profile landing on disputed islands with Japan poses a major diplomatic challenge to it. China has also hit back hard at Japan over its farces of buying and landing on the Diaoyu Islands.[Read More]

The top two questions facing Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s cabinet are how to improve the low approval rate and how to cope with a series of diplomatic challenges. Two China-related events, namely the Diaoyu Islands dispute and Japanese politicians' possible visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, will test Japan's handling of its "anxiety disorder."[Read More]

Japan arrests Chinese activists over Diaoyu Islands issue on anniversary of Japan's WWII surrender

Police in Okinawa Prefecture on Wednesday arrested 14 Chinese activists including seven who landed on the Diaoyu Islands, located in the East China Sea.[Read More]

The Chinese envoy said he hoped the actions would not negatively affect bilateral relations between the two countries, but Tokyo denounced the landing and the ignoring of its Coast Guard as "deplorable" with Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda stating that the detainees would be dealt with "in line with the law."[Read More]

Japan totally responsible for escalating tensions over Diaoyu Islands

Tensions concerning territorial disputes between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands have surged to a new high on August 15, as Japanese authorities flagrantly arrested five activists from Hong Kong who had landed on one of the islands.[Read More]

The tensions are fully due to irresponsible clamoring and attempts by some Japanese politicians and activists to claim the islands, which are in the East China Sea and indisputably belong to China.[Read More]

To once again assert China's historically proven sovereignty over the islands, seven activists from Hong Kong landed on one of the islands earlier Wednesday. The effort - the first successful Chinese landing on the territory since 2004 - came despite Japanese patrol boats guarding the islands.[Read More]

The personal safety of the Chinese activists and their property shouldn't be harmed by the Japanese side, since all they tried to do was only to step foot on part of their motherland.[Read More]

Japan must not cross line in Diaoyu spat

Whether a Hong Kong ship carrying 14 activists from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong will arrive at the Diaoyu Islands as expected and how Japanese authorities respond to them are of great concern. Sino-Japanese relations are facing a severe test.[Read More]

The Chinese public has becoming increasingly willing to safeguard the country's sovereignty over Diaoyu. China has no reason to compromise with Japan over the issue.[Read More]

Timeline of Japanese arrest of Chinese activists over Diaoyu Islands Issue

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Huoqiao at 2012-08-1766.87.144.*
What does China gain from this mini attempt? To us, nothing. Did it so that people can blogg only. But to do the real thing, not 14 but 14,000,000 over night so that the world can see China muscles and abilities.
J.C., Toronto Canada at 2012-08-17205.188.116.*
All patriotic chinese should boycot purchasing any japanese products until Japanese emperor apologizes to chinese and china for the atrocities which they committed in WWII to chinese and asians, and accepts that Diaoyu Island is part of China
Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. at 2012-08-1768.97.20.*
These Japanesse provocations are of the most serious nature. This is not Poland September 1. 1939 and the Japanese reactionary government should think carefully about what the reaction of the Peoples Republic wil be. I don't think there will be any sellout of Chinese territory and if the Jap fascists are thinking that there will be they are likely to face more severe consequences than they can imagine.

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