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Chinese activists expected to arrive at Diaoyu Islands at 11 a.m.

(People's Daily Online)

10:07, August 15, 2012

The civil Diaoyu Island protection vessel with 14 Chinese aboard is now about 40 nautical miles away from the Diaoyu Islands. The activists are expected to arrive at the Diaoyu Islands at 11 a.m. today if the good weather prevails, Chen Miau-tak, chairman of the Hong Kong Diaoyu Islands Protection Task Force said in a telephone interview with People’s Daily Online early this morning.

The vessel will possibly encounter blockade by Japanese ships when it reaches the waters about 20 nautical miles away from the Diaoyu Islands, but “we will attempt to rush through,” Chen said, “If there are too many Japanese vessels impeding us, we will consider the safety of the crew. “

The supply is another problem that bothers the Diaoyu Islands protectors, said Chen. At present the freshwater is only sufficient for two days and they will choose a base to add supply according to the weather.

Read the Chinese version: 民间保钓人士拟于今日11时抵达钓鱼岛, source: People's Daily Online

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