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Be wary of Japan’s radical acts on Diaoyu

(Global Times)

08:32, August 14, 2012

A ship from Hong Kong sailed into the open sea yesterday, and plans to head toward the Diaoyu Islands with an activists' ship from Taiwan. The Japanese side previously claimed that they might send Self-Defense Forces to block activists from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong from landing on the islands. Though the Japanese embassy has denied the claim, the situation surrounding the Diaoyu Islands looks grim.

We firmly oppose Japan sending Self-Defense Forces against Chinese grass-roots activists.

If Japan does so out of a whim, it will force China to send warships to the Diaoyu Islands' waters. A confrontation will arise between the countries' activists, which may later escalate into one between warships, boding ill for East Asian security.

Territorial disputes have intensified in East Asia as state leaders of Russia and South Korea landed on disputed islands under their control, spurring other claimants to take further actions. Japanese lawmakers have actively responded to the idea of visiting the Diaoyu Islands. Japanese media also urged Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to join the bandwagon. Joint efforts between the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong are a response to a series of actions proposed by Japan this year, from purchasing the islands to landing on them.
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