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Why are Western media selectively blind?

(People's Daily Online)

08:23, August 10, 2012

Edited and Translated by Zhu Rui, People's Daily Online

The tag of "made in China" can be found everywhere in Olympic exclusive stores in London. In the context of economic globalization, it is nothing but a footnote to the statement "the world is flat".
Athletes from all over the world conduct charming exchanges in the form of competition at the Olympics, which is a favorable platform to make the world flat possible in the field of sport.
China is the loyal supporter and active practitioner of Olympic Games. Chinese sportsmen's efforts and achievements honor both China and Olympic Games.

However, if someone selectively turns a blind eye to efforts and kindness of Chinese, the victim is not only the Chinese athlete but also Olympic Games itself.

When the doubts cast upon Ye Shiwen by Western media gradually fade out, London's Evening Standard argues that they question the 16-year-old Chinese gold medal-winning swimmer because she grows up in a closed environment of which the outside world has little knowledge.

More interestingly, the article also makes a comparison between Ye and Meilutyte Ruta, champion of women's 100 meters breaststroke. Ruta receives training in the "open" England while Ye lives in the "closed" China, so it is natural that Ye is questioned.
Why does the writer of article neglect other basic information? Ye learns from an Australian coach and receives training throughout the world. Can we regard it as a "closed" environment? Several years ago, British sprinter Chambers was barred from competition for two years due to the doping scandal. Doesn’t he live in the so-called reliable "open" environment? The Western media has always been proud of their objective report? Why do they cast doubt standards upon Chinese athletes? Which side is narrow-minded after all?

At the Olympic Games, the world is indeed flat. There are dozens of foreign coaches in Chinese delegation who help Chinese athletes gain a better understanding of world sports development while in table tennis and gymnastic competitions there are also some Chinese coaches who mentor Western athletes. In the Olympic arena, China has already reflected its openness.

The world is flat. Chinese sportsmen are able to demonstrate China's strength and power through their own efforts.

If Western media still refuse to accept achievements of Chinese athletes and accuse them of wrongdoing without sound evidence, the world is still not flat.

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More special coverages

Read the Chinese version: 为何“选择性失明”, source: People's Daily, author: Ruan Xue Yuan


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