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What can US do in the South China Sea?

(People's Daily Online)

08:06, August 09, 2012

Recently, the United States threw out a so-called South China Sea statement, stirring up another round of waves in the South China Sea. Obviously, the United States made a calculation before it gave the statement.

First, the United States seems to be fair, but it actually is pulling ASEAN countries to its side. Second, the United States always talks about the rules, but actually tries to be the rule maker.

Absolutely making no sense, the statement severely misguides the public opinion and transmits complete wrong signals, therefore it should be refuted sternly out of question. Actually, it is time for China to shout loudly to the United States – The issue within the sovereign domain of China has nothing to do with you.

The United States is used to talking rubbish about other countries' internal affairs, especially when it thinks intervention is lucrative. Although the United States, as the only super power on the earth, is usually able to affect developments of international affairs to a large extent, it does not mean that its strategies and policies achieve their expected goals every time.

Similarly, regarding the structural transition of the Asia-Pacific Region, the United States cannot decide everything. Pushing China to its opposite side by creating contradictions will not benefit the United States and should not be its strategic choice.
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