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China grows with confidence amid bias

(People's Daily Online)

07:51, August 09, 2012

There have been numerous biased and groundless news reports about China at the London Olympics. Similar incidents have happened before. The Beijing Olympic torch relay four years ago reminded the Chinese people how difficult it is to integrate into the world. We have reasons to wonder why the West always holds prejudices against anything related to China.

Looking back through history, we can see that almost every developed country had a similar experience. While refuting certain emotional arguments on the international stage in a well-founded manner, China should focus on further improving itself. The real challenges for China are domestic problems rather than external noise or bias which can only cause temporary unfavorable public opinion environment. However, we should avoid equating criticism with bias since constructive criticism can be extremely helpful and useful though they may be sometimes exaggerated.

There will be more grating noises in the process of China’s development. The key is to stand firm against bias and absorb constructive criticism. China must go through these international tests to achieve rejuvenation.

Greater self-confidence is needed to withstand the tests of bias. China was, is, and will be a country with many problems and the crucial point is to realize the differences between current problems and those several decades ago.

At the same time, informing the world of China’s problems in a moderate manner cannot only dispel Western concerns but also shows China’s confidence. The country has done a great job in this regard. In recent years, Chinese leaders have reiterated on various occasions that China’s development remains severely unbalanced, uncoordinated, and unsustainable.

China’s future depends on its own actions rather than outside criticism. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will be achieved as long as China does not sway back and forth, avoid self-inflicted setbacks and grows in confidence amid bias.

Read the Chinese version: 中国在偏见中自信地成长, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition, author: Zhang Yun

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Olympic viewer at 2012-08-1164.231.162.*
I have not seen a bias against China in these Olympics. I believe that the people at the Olympics treat China with respect as they do with all nations participating in the Olympics. This criticism of bias against China is unfounded. Nobody really believes that the world is "out to get China'.

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