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Who compels Annan to resign?

(People's Daily Online)

16:15, August 08, 2012

The Syrian crisis originally had two prospects – either a political solution or armed civil war. Apparently, Syria is currently taking the road of a full-scale civil war. Kofi Annan's resignation at this sensitive time shows that the Syrian situation is clearly out of control.

Syria has sunk into long-term turbulence and is moving toward the "hard landing," which, to a large extent, is resulted from the agitation of external forces.

The West has been regarding Syria as the major obstacle to dominate the Middle East. Since the upheaval happened in the Middle East in 2011, the Western countries have been trying to unseat Bashar al-Assad by means of turmoil political situation. However, China and Russia had strongly opposed to interfere in Syria by force on behalf of the United Nations due to a lesson in Libya. Against this backdrop, the West almost bet all on Syrian reactionary.

The external forces provided economic assistance and military forces to the Syrian reactionary. With the support of external forces, the Syrian reactionary gradually strengthened the armed forces and had the ability to oppose against the government troops openly.

The Western media had deliberately exaggerated the atrocities of Syrian government troops and beautified the insurgency of Syrian reactionary. The most typical is the view on the Houla massacre. When the event had just occurred and the truth was not yet clear, the West had put all the blames on the regime of basher al-Assad, and quickly took sanctions to Syria.
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