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Stirring up troubles not a new trick of US

(People's Daily Online)

15:42, August 07, 2012

China has a clear knowledge as to which way it will choose. It will neither be interrupted by Washington's resentment nor changed by U.S. attitude.
On Aug. 3, U.S. State Department denounced China for aggravating tensions over South China Sea in a declaration. It's not a new trick to antagonize China, but Washington had appeared too eager to use the trick recently.
This year, senior U.S. diplomatic officials made frequent visits to other nations, during which they praised U.S. values while criticizing China in public for issues of human rights, of South China Sea and of Syria as well as China-Africa Cooperation. Speaking of China, they felt extremely anxious since it seems that China is a “trouble-maker” to destroy the American’s sense of happiness.

If belittling China can establish U.S. authority or antagonizing China can help America have more alliances, U.S. diplomatic officials are unlikely to feel anxious or helpless.

China neither expects any country to decline, nor gets panic-stricken for external factors. Such a breadth of mind results from Chinese historical and cultural traditions and Chinese people's understanding of life and global trend.
China’s all-out efforts for development aim to realize that Chinese are able to lead a well-off life instead of competing with other nations. The change of other nations' influences has nothing to do with the happiness index of Chinese. The reasons are simple. First, no matter how small the global village is, everyone still lives his or her own life. Secondly, since the new age witnesses more room of development and more cooperative opportunities, co-existence of some super powers is not a threat any more.
Groundless resentment often results in a nation's decline. Once resentment becomes the theme of Washington's diplomacy, it's impossible to make rational and constructive decisions and policies. If the world’s super power falls into such a plight, it is not a good thing to both itself and the whole international community.

Read the Chinese version at: 美国煽风点火不是什么新把戏 , Source: People's Daily, Author: Zhong Sheng

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