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China has more means to cope with 'disturbances'

(People's Daily Online)

16:07, August 06, 2012

To a large extent, history and cultural tradition affect the conduct of a country or a nation. Hence, it makes sense to label U.S. armed forces as “skill type,” Russian armed forces as “power type” and Chinese armed forces as “strategy type.”

Of course, only if correct strategies are effectively implemented can they achieve expected results.

First, the psychological offense is the best tactic which features minimum costs, maximum achievements and most lasting influences. China should stick to the mutual-benefit and win-win policy and make the “cake of common interests” even larger. China should communicate with various sides on various levels, deepen mutual trust and avoid misjudgments as well as insist on resolving disputes through peaceful means.

Second, China requires not only wisdom and strength but also boldness of vision. We should be wise and farsighted enough to see the whole picture instead of details. The longest tortuous road is usually the shortest path to the destination.

Third, a good chess player would rather lose several pieces than the initiative of game. Facing the rapidly-changing situation, China should predict the future and seize the initiative to take actions if possible.

Last but not least, “going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short.” China should be reasonable, rational, knowing both when to advance and stop. Only if China leaves enough spaces for others, considers others' feelings and reduces the negative influence as much as possible can China always be at an invincible position.

Compared to the “ocean of wisdom” left by our ancestors to us, what is stated above is nothing but a drop of water and there is much which requires us to explore and promote in the future.

Read the Chinese version: 我们有更多手段对付“骚扰”, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Ying Si

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