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Japan’s panic over China's military strength unnecessary

(People's Daily Online)

16:14, August 01, 2012

Japan used a lengthy part in its 2012 defense white paper talking about China's military power, showing its vigilance against China. It seems to have become the most active country that takes precautions against China in East Asia.

Japan has not got accustomed to the rapid changes of the growth of China’s strength and decline of its strengths. As the most powerful country in Asia for a long time, it is unwilling to be overtaken by China's overall national strength. It even feels panic, it is not surprising.

However, Japan cannot be too indulgent of its sentiment and let it dominate the behavior, thereby affecting the acts of China and other Asian countries, pushing the situation in East Asia into the dead end.

Without a collective security system in East Asia, all countries lack a sense of security. "Security dilemma" is torturing every country in East Asia.

Japan, as a country with strong comprehensive strengths that enjoys high degree of security guarantee, set a bad example by calling China a threat and worsened the strategic distrust in the region.

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