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China's strategic opportunity period has not ended

(People's Daily Online)

16:23, July 31, 2012

Presently, the international strategic environment and surrounding security environment China faces are becoming severer but there are also some opportunities. On the one hand, China must make efforts to protect the national interests amid conflicts and on the other hand, China still has a chance to make progress on foreign affairs. Therefore, China's strategic opportunity period has not ended and what changes is merely the significance it represents.

From the perspective of the overall international environment, there are two major events: the European and U.S. debt crises and the changing situation in West Asia and North Africa. These two events feature the conductive effect, which inevitably hinder the development of China. However, there is a basic fact we should be clearly aware of, that is, “epicenters” are not China but other countries and the influences on China is exerted not today but in the future. Therefore, it is not right of China to be panic or unduly concerned about the potential risks.

In terms of China's surrounding environment, the pessimistic judgment of current surrounding situations is based on two understandings. First, the shift of U.S. strategic focus to Asia is aimed at constraining China completely. Second, the relevant countries have allied with the United States to confront China in the maritime disputes. These understandings cannot be considered incorrect but too simple.

Regarding the shift of U.S. strategy back to Asia Pacific, China is a major reason but not the sole purpose.

As to the South China Sea issue, the South China Sea situation is very tense and urgent. Such countries as Vietnam and the Philippines keep crossing the line and the United States and the claimant countries support each other, posing severe challenges for China's maritime sovereignty. However, on a broader scope, there are three important backgrounds that deserve attention. First, China has almost solved the land border problems which provides the precondition for China to focus on the South China Sea issue. Second, the Taiwan Strait situation is relatively stable which lays a solid foundation for China to cope with the South China Sea issue. Third, China's maritime capacity has gradually improved, enabling China to devote to the South China Sea issue.

In other words, China possesses the national capacity and national will to properly handle the issue of South China Sea for the first time. It is an inevitable outcome of China's development of strength, interests and strategy, the inevitable requirement and important mission in the next stage of the rise of China, and will influence the stage from beginning to end. The establishment of Sansha City, the improvement in maritime law enforcement capacity and enhancement of public awareness of safeguarding rights and interests indicate that China has embarked on the stage. Regarding the issue in the process of the rise of China, China must have both determination and endurance to control its own development pace.

Read the Chinese version: 中国战略机遇期并未终结, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Yuan Peng


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