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China, ROK vow to further military exchanges


08:03, July 31, 2012

BEIJING, July 30 (Xinhua) -- Defense Minister Liang Guanglie on Monday met with Lee Yong-gul, vice defense minister of the Republic of Korea (ROK), pledging to boost military exchanges.

Liang hailed the current state of bilateral military relations, saying that they constitute a significant part of bilateral ties.

The two countries have maintained high-level military exchange visits, established strategic defense talks and set up direct hotlines connecting the naval and air forces of both sides, Liang said.

China highly values its partnership with the ROK and will work with the ROK to further the state-to-state and military relations, Liang said.

Lee, who is in China to attend the second China-ROK strategic defense talks, said the ROK stands ready to work with China to reinforce exchanges in all fields and protect regional peace and stability.

The first strategic defense talks was held in 2011.


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