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China sees Nepal's bright future despite politic impasse: envoy


13:18, July 30, 2012

KATHMANDU, July 30 (Xinhua) -- China's Ambassador to Nepal Yang Houlan has expressed great optimism and confidence about Nepal's future as well as Sino-Nepal relations.

"I am highly optimistic about the future of Nepal which is a land of great potential," the Chinese ambassador who began to assume his duties in Nepali capital Kathmandu last June said at the celebration of his successful completion of one-year tenure on Sunday.

According to the Chinese envoy, industrious people, beautiful scenery, rich cultural and natural resources and unique geographical advantages all point to opportunities for Nepal, although this Himalayan nation is suffering from prolonged political uncertainty after the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly (CA) on May 27 this year.

Stating that being located between two emerging economies of China and India can be a driving force for Nepal's development, Ambassador Yang urged Nepal to make use of such a sound opportunity.

More than 100 Nepalese took part in the celebration at Annapurna Hotel last night. Most of them are from three associations namely Nepal China Commerce Friendship Association, Nepal China Friendship Youth Association and Nepal China Culture & Education Council that together organized this program.

Madhav Kumar Nepal, former Prime Minister and senior leader of NCP-UML strongly appealed to Nepal to learn from its two huge neighbors to promote economy in the formal celebration.

Nepal and other orators from Nepali Congress and NCP-Maoist also conveyed their cordial thanks for both China's meaningful and selfless assistance to their country and Yang's contribution during his one-year tenure which has seen frequent exchange of high profile visits between China and Nepal.


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