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Negotiation only way to settle Palestine-Israel issue: Chinese UN envoy


08:08, July 26, 2012

UNITED NATIONS, July 25 (Xinhua) -- China said here Wednesday that dialogue and negotiations are the only way to settle the Palestine- Israel issue, and calls for early resumption of the peace talk between the two sides.

"The question of Palestine-Israel constitutes the core of the Middle East peace process," Wang Min, Chinese deputy permanent representative to the UN, told a Security Council open debate on the Middle East. "Dialogue and negotiations are the only way leading to the settlement of the Palestine-Israeli question."

"China stands for a solution to the Palestinian and Israeli disputes through political and diplomatic channels on the basis of relevant UN resolutions, land-for-peace principles, the Arab Peace Initiative and the peace road map for the Middle East, so as to establish a state of Palestine with full sovereignty and independence, with the two countries of Palestine and Israel living in peace," Wang said.

China welcomes and supports all measures which could help break the deadlock of Palestine-Israeli peace talks and push forward a renewed dialogue between the two sides, Wang noted.

"We hope Palestine and Israel to continue to accumulate mutual trust, create favorable conditions for resuming contacts and early resumption of talks," he said.

China is always against the Israeli construction of settlement in occupied Palestine territory. "We call on Israel to release Palestine prisoners and detainees and improve their living and medical conditions. We also urge Israel to stop any actions that may lead to tension on the ground, and take measures to remove obstacles to the resumption of peace talks," the ambassador said.

Concerning the grave humanitarian situation in occupied Palestinian territory including the Gaza, Wang said China hopes Israel would lift its blockade against Gaza quickly and comprehensively, and allow access of medical assistance, food and material needed for reconstruction in order to alleviate humanitarian situation in Gaza.


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