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Chinese, German experts meet on bilateral cooperation


09:13, July 25, 2012

SHANGHAI, July 24 (Xinhua) -- Some 30 Chinese and German experts from political, economic, cultural, academia and media circles gathered at the Sino-German Dialogue Forum Monday and Tuesday, exchanging views on cooperation and boosting bilateral ties.

Xu Kuangdi, forum chairman of the Chinese side, said that the forum, as a non-governmental high-level event, has resulted in the creation of valuable suggestions and proposals on expanding cooperation between the governments of both sides.

Bruno O. Braun, forum chairman of the German side and chairman of the Supervisory Board of TUV Rheinland AG, said Germany and China should deepen cooperation in various areas in order to jointly meet new global challenges.

Vice Foreign Minister Song Tao said both sides need to further increase political mutual trust and enhance mutually beneficial cooperation.

The forum, established in Germany in November 2005, is designed to boost bilateral cooperation and generate feedback for the governments of both sides.


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