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Never make strategic misjudgment due to strategic anxiety

(People's Daily Online)

15:56, July 24, 2012

Strategic anxiety is probably accompanied with the rise and decline of a state, the difficulties and changeable situation that the state is faced with.

Although China's gross domestic product ranks the second in the world, it still told itself: the development opportunity coexists with the risks and challenges; China will not rise sharply and the United States will not go downhill easily. Today, the sober strategy and strategic consensus of China are scientific and peaceful development and good and fast development, making progress while ensuring stability.

The Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States was full of strain and anxiety. From the history of the Cold War, China discovered an important and sober strategic enlightenment that socialism can be established in undeveloped countries but cannot be maintained in these countries. The superiority of socialism should be embodied in not only the ideology but also the development level of productivity.

In the past, the great powers had used hegemony to strengthen themselves and thus dominated the world. However, China is taking a new road of peaceful development different with the rise of these great powers as before.

The country insists on developing itself by its own strength and the domestic demand and opens to the world all-roundly and widely and fully takes advantage of the domestic and international markets and resources. Meanwhile, it sticks to a development consistent with that of the world to comply with the global development tendency and achieve a mutually beneficial, win-win, common and sustainable development.

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