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West wrong on Chinese public's Syria view

(Global Times)

09:32, July 23, 2012

China and Russia are facing a new round of finger pointing since their double veto of a UN resolution threatening to impose new sanctions on Syria Thursday.

The US-led West loudly touts slogans of democracy and human rights during their grand strategic deployment in the Middle East. But the key target is still their geopolitical interests in this region.

In comparison, by sticking to its long-held stance on Syria, China is holding on not only to its own diplomatic principles, but also basic prerequisites for world peace and justice.

Western politicians are trying to isolate China and Russia by insisting that the two are making the wrong choice. However, the Chinese should stay cool-headed and see the essence of China's attitude.

The UN resolution, citing the seventh chapter of the UN Charter, laid a foundation for military intervention in Syria. This was what China vetoed.

China also opposes the UN Security Council openly picking sides in Syria's internal conflict. It insists that the Syrians should seek a political solution through their own negotiations.

This is a bottom line that must be upheld so as to prevent the West from overthrowing any regime at will.

With their massive soft power, Western organizations can easily besiege China and Russia through verbal assaults.

However, they don't really have the power to launch an actual retaliation against the two countries.

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