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US interference in Asia Pacific may be self-defeating

(People's Daily Online)

16:37, July 13, 2012

Edited and Translated by Zhu Rui, People's Daily Online

Recently, the United States has been actively engaged in Asia-Pacific regional affairs.

Promotion of values and development mode is a normal conduct of great powers to spread their ideologies. But it will be less effective if the promoter is too conceited, let alone "promoting" by force.

Hillary Clinton puts forward the U.S. policy of "smart power", which indicates that its hard power is not strong enough. Therefore, the United States has to enter into alliance, take advantage of conflicts and stir up troubles and divide the nations, so as to achieve the intended purpose efficiently and effectively at low cost. The problem is any smart means cannot be separated from basics.

Geography cannot be changed. U.S. interference in Asia-Pacific regional affairs is a high-cost move of which US should have a clear anticipation.

What deserves attention is that U.S. government and strategic scholars begin to rethink gain and loss of the Asia-Pacific strategy. Some believe that the United States is making three major mistakes.

First, America has shaped its Asia-Pacific strategy largely assuming China as a major rival, which sparks anti- U.S. sentiments in China, pushing the Sino- U.S. relation to the risk of confrontation.

Second, U.S. stimulates small and medium-sized nations to "side with the U.S. against China" which will make the Asia-Pacific strategy kidnapped by the third party and itself trapped by the issue of South China Sea.

Third, returning to Asia Pacific and ignorance of West Asia and North Africa leads to instability of its two fundamental triangle areas in Middle East - Egypt-Saudi Arab-Israel and Egypt-Turkey-Israel.

These statements cannot be arbitrarily judged right or wrong since any argument can only be tested in the history and practice. However, they at least sound more reasonable and convincing than Hillary Clinton's "smart power".

Read the Chinese version: 美国亚太搅局或弄巧成拙, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Huang Qing


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