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China won't yield to Japan's radical moves over disputes

(Global Times)

09:33, July 12, 2012

Japan protested against Chinese fishery administration vessels' latest patrol near the Diaoyu Islands Wednesday. China later dismissed the protest and said it will take necessary measures to firmly safeguard its sovereignty.

Tensions over the disputed islands are escalating following the Noda administration's position on "nationalizing" the Diaoyu Islands.

We support China's uncompromising attitude over the disputes. Chinese ships' patrols near the Diaoyu Islands should become routine.

Moreover, fishery administration vessels should gradually be upgraded into armed ships, to reach an equal level with the quasi-warships deployed by Japan in this region.

Apparently, neither side will yield over the Diaoyu Islands dispute. Tokyo, with its latest plan to "nationalize" the islands, is intensifying the conflict. China has no alternative but to meet it head-on and accept any consequences.

Compared with Japan, China is stronger in terms of being able to bear the results of sour ties between the two sides, at least in the field of the economy. As long as Japan behaves recklessly, China has no reason to give in.

China should prepare a package of measures to strengthen its exercise of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, and give its response based on the level of Japanese provocation.

These measures should include the establishment of an administrative organization and a higher-level military institution covering this region. A military drill area should also be set up near the disputed islands.

China should not foment a war over the dispute, but some military preparations could be made in a semi-transparent manner. Japan needs to clearly see that any military deployment targeting the Diaoyu Islands will incur powerful countermeasures from China, further complicating the dynamic in the west Pacific, which is the lifeline of Japan.

As island disputes emerge in neighboring regions, China should be able to both face up to frictions and ensure that these situations are under control.

With an unfavorable geopolitical environment, China should neither yield to gain temporary peace, nor try to use force to deal with all its troubles. Finding a solution calls for both determination and endurance from China.

Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines are making petty moves over their territorial disputes with China. This actually exposes their anxiety and panic before China's rise.

China is not the radical party in these territorial disputes. The other parties also know this. It's time to demonstrate that China will firmly react to radical moves. Only when they clearly realize this can calm return to the west Pacific.


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