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Negative influence of US’Asia strategy must be eliminated

(People's Daily Online)

14:52, July 11, 2012

In recent years, cooperation among East Asian countries has maintained a flourishing momentum. The peace, stability and development are common wishes of countries of the region. One major purpose for the economically-gloomy United States to declare its “returning to the Asia-Pacific Region” strategy in this period is to share the economic prosperity of East Asia and bring along its export and employments.

A “wise returning” of the United States is of course good for promoting the regional economic cooperation and accords with East Asian countries' wish. However, will the United States' “returning to the Asia-Pacific Region” strategy be successfully implemented? The answer depends on whether the United States is willing invest more in the region according to cooperation and development requirements of the region.

Washington has chosen a “military deployment first” strategy. Its “re-balance of the Asia Pacific” strategy aimed at strengthening its status in East Asia, its “air-sea battle” concept with the Cold War significance, its action of deploying more troops in Australia and the joint military drill of 22 countries in the Pacific Rim are making people wonder what the real goal of the United States' strategy of “returning to the Asia Pacific Region” is.

The United States actually knows the internal contradiction of its “returning to the Asia-Pacific Region” strategy. On the one hand, it wants to hold down the rise of China, and on the other hand, it wants to share the economic prosperity of Asia, trying to realize its maximum benefit with a tiny investment. However, it probably will not succeed.

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