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The Spokesman of the Chinese Delegation to AFMMs Talks about China's Asia-Pacific Policy


08:38, July 11, 2012

PHNOM PENH,July 11 (Xinhua) -- Zhang Jianmin, Spokesman of the Chinese delegation to ASEAN Foreign Minister Meetings was interviewed by the Xinhua News Agency on China's Asia-Pacific policy here at Tuesday mid-night.

Question 1: The annual ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting was held today. The Asia-Pacific, especially Asia, has maintained fast development and become one of the most dynamic regions with the fastest growth and a rising status in the world. China is a member of the big Asia-Pacific family. What is China's foreign policy on this region?

Answer: China's commitment to the path of peaceful development and the win-win strategy of opening-up is born out first and foremost in the Asia-Pacific which is home to China. China upholds the policy of fostering friendship and partnership with its neighbors and sticks to developing friendship and cooperation with all the neighboring countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. China's Asia-Pacific policy follows the following basic principles:

-- Uphold cooperation. With deepening globalization and wider application of information technology, the world has increasingly become a global village where countries are inter-dependent on each other. Asia-Pacific countries are important members of the global village, and face the common mission of maintaining peace and stability, the common task of promoting growth and eradicating poverty, and the common challenge of preventing frequent outbreak of disputes and achieving transformation of the mode of development. We maintain that countries abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological prejudices, uphold a new concept of solidarity and win-win cooperation, and open up a new prospect of an Asia-Pacific enjoying peace, cooperation and mutual benefit.

-- Seek development. The Asia-Pacific has on the whole maintained a sound momentum of growth. But the region also faces many uncertainties and destabilizing factors. In terms of the external environment, the deep impact of the international financial crisis is still with us. Sovereign debt crises in some countries are still acute. The Western Asia and Northern Africa region remains turbulent. In terms of the internal environment, Asia-Pacific still faces such challenges as uneven development, regional hotspot and non-traditional security issues. We should seize the overriding trend of development, promote better and faster development of the region, make the pie of common interests bigger, let the people in this region enjoy the dividends of development, and effectively resolve multiple challenges through common development.

-- Implement the new security concept. International security threats are more complex and diverse today. Security issues tend to be more explosive, contagious and inter-connected. To effectively meet various security threats, we uphold the new security concept featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination, and seek integrated security, common security and cooperation-based security.

-- Respect diversity. The Asia-Pacific is remarkably diverse and complex. Countries are different in political and economic system, historical and cultural background and social development model. This is the feature of this region and its source of vigor and vitality. We should respect the realities in the Asia-Pacific, carry on the spirit of openness, inclusiveness, seeking common ground while shelving differences and mutual accommodation, and promote diverse and parallel forms of development.

Question 2: You have talked about the basic principles in China 's Asia-Pacific policy. What are the objectives that China seek to achieve in this region?

Answer: China is committed to working with other countries in the region to share opportunities, counter challenges, expand cooperation, properly deal with differences, and build a peaceful, growing, prosperous and harmonious Asia-Pacific.

On the political front, we uphold equality among all countries, regardless of their size, follow the principle of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs and work continuously to build political mutual trust and mutual understanding. China believes that the internal affairs of a country should be independently decided by the country itself while regional affairs should be settled by regional countries through consultation on an equal footing. We respect the development paths and values chosen independently by regional countries and the exploration of countries in promoting economic and social development and improving people's living standards. We are committed to enhancing good-neighborly friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries in the region through close high-level contacts and sustained strategic communication.

On the economic front, we are committed to achieving common development in the region and beyond. Many Asia-Pacific countries are at crucial stages of economic development and social transition. China stands ready to step up coordination on macroeconomic policies and support and help regional countries within our ability in order to strengthen the internal drivers and dynamism for regional economic growth, promote balanced economic and social development in regional countries, and deepen common interests for the benefit of development and prosperity throughout the region.

On the security front, we maintain that countries, while upholding their own security, should respect the security of other countries to create a peaceful and stable regional security environment. China advocates and follows a new security concept and opposes any move to ensure one's own security at the expense of others' security. We call on countries in the region to accommodate each other's security concerns, demonstrate as much goodwill, wisdom and patience as possible, solve differences through dialogue and consultation, take gradual steps to build consensus, remove differences and advance cooperation, and work together for an Asia-Pacific security architecture featuring openness, transparency and equality.

On the cultural and people-to-people front, we respect the diversity of our region, work vigorously to increase cultural and people-to-people exchanges, and join hands with other regional countries to build a large Asia-Pacific family of diversity and harmonious co-existence. China holds the view that countries in the region should respect each other's choice of development path, turn the diversity of the region into vitality and driving force for closer exchanges and cooperation between countries, enhance the affinity and friendship among the people of different countries.

With regard to regional cooperation, given the great diversity of the region, we are working with other regional countries to push forward regional cooperation mechanisms along the path of consensus based on consultation, gradualism, openness and inclusiveness. China maintains that the existing mechanisms should be upheld on the basis of respecting the wishes and accommodating the comfort level of all parties and that various mechanisms should complement and reinforce one another to promote regional cooperation. We respect the presence and interests of countries from outside the region in Asia-Pacific and welcome the active participation of all countries in the Asia-Pacific cooperation process. China is open to and welcomes any cooperation initiative that is conducive to converging interests and common development of regional countries.

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