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Chinese leaders meet French FM, vow stronger partnership


08:30, July 11, 2012

BEIJING, July 10 (Xinhua) -- Premier Wen Jiabao and Vice Premier Li Keqiang met with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Tuesday, vowing to boost the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

"China attaches great importance to its ties with France and the two nations share identical or similar views on many issues of global and strategic significance," said Premier Wen.

Wen told Fabius that China is willing to work with the French side to enhance understanding and cooperation and boost exchanges regarding humanitarian issues in order to boost the China-France bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership to a new high.

China is considering importing more value-added products from France and introducing the country's advanced technology to promote the balanced growth of two-way trade, Wen added.

Fabius, the first minister from France's newly-formed cabinet, said the French government will continue to maintain high-level exchanges with China and look for new areas of cooperation and promote the advancement of bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership on the basis of mutual trust and mutual benefit.

During his meeting with Fabius, Li said China is ready to work closely with the new French government to strengthen political mutual trust, cement substantial cooperation and enhance coordination in global affairs.

Li called on both countries to enhance cooperation in aviation and nuclear energy and to boost the progress of new energy cooperation.

The vice premier expressed the hope that France will ease restrictions on exports of high-tech products to China.

During Li's visit to the EU headquarters in May, China and the EU signed a joint declaration on urbanization. The vice premier called on China and France to beef up exchanges regarding experience and substantial cooperation in urbanization.

Li told Fabius that China has closely followed the development of the EU sovereign debt crisis and supports the EU's positive efforts to solve the issue.

"Forging closer China-EU relations not only helps the EU's efforts to cope with the sovereign debt crisis, but also promotes world peace, stability and prosperity," said the vice premier.

He called on France to continue playing a positive role in cementing China-EU ties.

Fabius said the French government values China's role and position, vowing to make joint efforts with the country to expand common interests and substantial cooperation.

Fabius arrived in Beijing on Monday for his first China visit since taking office in May.


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