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Myanmar president meets Chinese state councilor on security, law enforcement cooperation


08:10, July 11, 2012

NAY PYI TAW, July 10 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar President U Thein Sein met with Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu here Tuesday.The two leaders vowed to strengthen security and law enforcement cooperation.

During their talks, Meng spokes highly of the achievement made recently by China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand in security and law enforcement cooperation, citing the capture of Sai Naw Kham, key culprit of Mekong armed drug trafficking gang.

He said the joint operation of the four countries has served to protect the marine transport on the Mekong River and ensure normal daily life of the people living along the river.

U Thein Sein expressed profound grief over the killing of Chinese seamen on Oct. 5 last year, saying that Myanmar launched a series of mopping operation and its armymen also made sacrifice.

The Myanmar side attached importance to its cooperation with the Chinese side in security and law enforcement to enhance bilateral cooperation, he said.

Meng said that as friendly neighbors, China highly values the development of China-Myanmar comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership, respecting Myanmar people's choice of path of development based on its specific national conditions, and is happy to see that Myanmar is expanding its international exchange.

Meng also said maintenance of peace and stability of China- Myanmar border areas are in the common interest of the two countries.

China respects Myanmar's sovereignty and territorial integrity and supports Myanmar government's efforts to properly handle national reconciliation issue by peaceful means through coordination and negotiation.

U Thein Sein briefed Meng on Myanmar's domestic and international situation and its foreign relations.

He thanked China for its valuable long-term support to Myanmar 's socio-economic development and values the Myanmar-China Paukphaw friendship.

He expressed wishes to make joint efforts to promote Myanmar- China comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership.

U Thein Sein also said he longs for the ninth China-ASEAN Expo scheduled for September in China.

On Tuesday, Meng also met with Myanmar Home Minister Lieutenant- General Ko Ko and discussed further enhancing the security and law enforcement cooperation in Mekong River region.

Moreover, Meng met with Speaker of Myanmar's House of Representative U Shwe Mann and Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Services Vice Senior-General Min Aung Hlaing. They all stressed the need to maintain the friendship and good neighborly ties between the two countries.

Arriving Yangon on Monday, Meng met with Yangon Chief Minister U Myint Swe and visited the Drug Elimination Museum in the former capital.


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