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Can the US, Philippines fulfill their desires on the S. China Sea dispute?

(People's Daily Online)

09:59, July 10, 2012

The Philippines has been playing a role of "daring vanguard" in vying for the sovereignty of the South China Sea since 2010. In addition to playing as hardliner on the dispute of the South China Sea and purposefully strengthening its military force, the Philippines have also actively solicited the United States and other unrelated forces to interpose in the dispute.

The United States has made the strategic rebalancing clear that it hopes to reshape the Asia-Pacific order especially "standardizing" the future developing direction of China, and seek its strategic advantages and dominant right in the Asia-Pacific region. The contents of the "rebalancing" mainly include strengthening the military relations with its allies and the military intervention capacity in the region. Although the United States expressed that a diplomatic solution should be used on the dispute of the South China Sea, it continually expands and deepens the military cooperation with the Philippines and other claimants in its practical actions.

After talks between the U.S. and Philippine presidents, the White House made a statement, saying that the United States will help the Philippines to enhance its military force and establish "the minimum credible defense capability" through joint military exercises and other training programs.

These dangerous signals seriously interfered with the peaceful settlement of the South China Sea and affected the stability of the region. However, we also saw that the Philippines' requirement that the United States should take its side and even interpose in the dispute of South China Sea was restricted by various factors. The United States and Philippines are difficult to reach a consensus.

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