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Steady economy recovery key to int'l development cooperation: Chinese UN envoy


08:30, July 06, 2012

UNITED NATIONS, July 5 (Xinhua) -- Promoting steady recovery of world economy and ensuring adequate resources for development is crucial to international development cooperation, Li Baodong, Chinese permanent representative to the UN, said here on Thursday.

He made the remarks while addressing the Development Cooperation Forum held by the UN Economic and Social Council under the theme "Drivers of change: What is the future of development cooperation?"

"At present, public financing remains the core of international development cooperation, expanding resources constitutes basis of deepening development cooperation," said Li, urging all parties to make united efforts to push for "robust, sustainable and balanced" increase of world economy.

According to him, the developed countries need to shoulder primary responsibility for development financing and earnestly to honor their official development commitment.

Assistance efficiency should be built on the basis of adequate aid financing while assessment of the effect of relevant action plans should focus on whether the objective of official development assistance is effectively implemented, Li added.

On South-South cooperation, the ambassador noted that its complementary role in international development cooperation should be brought into full play under the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.

Li called for more attention to promote trade between developing countries, helping them enhance self-development capacity with focus on solving most urgent and real problem of livelihood, as well as cultivating local talents and technological personnel.

He also urged developing countries to bear international responsibility consistent with their development stages and real capacities. "It is unfair and unreasonable to impose on them the same obligations, responsibilities and rules as impose on the developed countries," Li noted.

China, as one of the developing countries, would try its best to continue to take an active part in South-South cooperation.

"China will gradually increase input in foreign aid, further improve its aid structure, and increase human resource training for recipient countries," said Li.


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