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Chinese delegate urges steady, long-term China-Japan ties

(People's Daily Online)

08:23, July 03, 2012

TOKYO, July 2 (People's Daily Online) -- A Chinese delegate to the 8th annual Beijing-Tokyo Forum held in Tokyo Monday called on the China-Japan relations to grow in a more balanced way, so as to realize a steady and long-term bilateral ties.

Mutual trust and mutual benefit between the two nations are ' two fundamental pillars' of the China-Japan relations, both of which are indispensable and could not be separated from each other, Former Vice Premier of China's State Council Zeng Peiyan said in a keynote speech at the event.

The delegate also expected the officials of both nations to appropriately handle differences, preventing possible damage to hurt the bilateral ties.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said at the forum that China's development presented an opportunity to the international community, including Japan.

The Japan-China relations lays an important foundation for Asia 's peaceful and stable development, and promoting a strategic mutually beneficial relation is the sole choice for the two countries. Japan and China should confirm their political will to push forward a peaceful and sound bilateral ties, said Noda.

Some 600 participants from various circles in the two countries attended the forum, carrying out dialogues on issues covering politics, economy, media and security fields.

The forum, held annually since 2005, is jointly organized by China's biggest English newspaper, China Daily, and Japan's think tank Genron NPO.


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