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China may be lonely, but not isolated

(Global Times)

11:03, June 29, 2012

The US is currently holding the RIMPAC, which stands for Rim of Pacific Exercise-naval maneuvers involving Pacific countries, in Hawaii with 21 other nations including Russia and India. The number of participants is eight more than that of the last exercise. China was not invited. It is the only one left among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and major countries in the Asia-Pacific. There are various reasons for that, and the message is clear: China is a little bit lonely.

Those who have some knowledge of the military know that the more countries join such an exercise, the less military significance it has. This year's RIMPAC exercise is the 23rd in a series held by the US and the largest ever. It is more like a diplomatic and political show put on by the US. It shows to the world that the US is still the only super power and no country can compete with it in terms of national strength and mobilization.

The US uses its military as a diplomatic resource. Officers in the US' overseas military bases also play the role of diplomats, bringing invisible pressure and influence on other countries. Their tolerance of the US more or less comes as a result of the worship or fear of the US' military capabilities.

The exercise is obviously aimed at expanding the US' influence. The move comes as Russia and India announce their presence in the Asia-Pacific. If China joins the exercise, it would be no different to an international conference.

Watching from afar, China is feeling uncomfortable. But it should be forgotten soon. The exercise is nothing but a big party held by the US, which is in a melancholy state of mind due to difficult realities.

China should get used to being left out in the cold by the US. This is normal, as China is becoming the world's No.2. The cost of a country's rise is that it will lose some sympathy, which will be replaced by vigilance and precaution.

China should take it easy. If we become entangled in the US' moves, we will believe that the US is shaping a geopolitical pressure against China. This not only puts stress on China, but also encourages the US' allies and those that have frictions with China. We will think that the exercise enhances the US' central position and isolates China.

However, whether or not the US has such intentions, an Asian geopolitical landscape with an isolated China is unlikely to come about.

In fact, no one would have such ambitions to isolate China.

China is likely to maintain its rapid development and help form a new international sphere, which intersects with that promoted by the US. The two are not confrontational, but China's influence on international relations means more than the RIMPAC.

China has no intention of confronting the US' power. None of the 21 nations participating in the exercise would like to see a confrontation between the two in the Pacific, and neither does the US.

The exercise cannot solve the problems the US is now facing.


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wende at 2012-07-0171.255.84.*
US is creating more enemies in the world with its constant sanctions, military involvement and bullying yet it is still able to harness alliances almost at will. It is time for China to study the strategies and tactics US is employing. Despite China"s courtesy and non-interference with other countries, China still does not have loyal friends and there is even an increase in the number of enemies or non-friends in the ranks.
Nahmed at 2012-06-30182.185.187.*
If time comes Pakistan nation will fight shoulder to shoulder with our Chinese brethrens against Americans. China can not be isolated or be lonely. We cannot forget what China has done for Pakistan.
Bob at 2012-06-30192.139.142.*
I concur with the authors" view point to a large extent but, one needs to keep vigil against the Yanks for they have always been bullying other sovereign countries to do their bidding since the dawn of time. I strongly believe their day of reckoning is fast approaching and we MUST stand guard against from being taken down with their imminent demise from this small planet.
PD User at 2012-06-29122.96.140.*
Oh, America's intention! Evil and transparent
sam at 2012-06-29121.1.41.*
chinese interests are vast it is in direct confrontation wit us inteests.

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