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China reaffirms support for eurozone stability

(People's Daily Online)

08:44, June 21, 2012

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei at a regular press briefing.
(File photo/ Foreign Ministry of China)

BEIJING, June 20 (People's Daily Online) -- A Foreign Ministry spokesman on Wednesday reaffirmed China's support for ensuring the stability of the eurozone.

Spokesman Hong Lei made the remark during a routine press conference while discussing President Hu Jintao's visits to Denmark and the G20 summit in Mexico.

Hong said Hu will return to Beijing following a post-summit stop in Spain.

"China has long maintained friendly cooperation with Spain," he said, adding that the two countries have enjoyed frequent high-level exchanges, increasing economic and trade cooperation, sound cultural contacts and coordination in regional and international affairs.

Regarding the European sovereign debt crisis, Hong said China has voiced its stance on the issue on many occasions, adding that China supports European integration.

He said China has provided effective support in multiple forms to help Europe cope with the crisis.

"We believe Europe has the wisdom and ability to overcome the current crisis," he said.


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